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Customize your web site.  
We will assign a business analyst to work with you on the followings:

■ You will have access to a sample site so that you get familiar with exactly how all the features work

■ You will be asked to decide on a domain name, or transfer one from your existing site if you already have an active domain name.  And we will be able to offer you suggestions based on the market standard

■ We will work with you to customize the look and feel of the website based on the selection of color, design of banner, content publishing guidelines, etc.

■ Your finished site will be password protected for your internal review and modifications if necessary. When you are completely satisfied, the site will be officially launched for your staff and community members to register and use

Maximize your brand value.
Furthermore, we also understand that your brand will evolve over time and hence branding can be a continuous process. Our self-administered easy-to-use content management functions will allow people with even minimal computer skills to enrich the web site with your evolving brand.  And of course, our dedicated graphics and technical support teams are always available should you want to add a little more complex multimedia design and take the web site to the next level.

Optimizing solutions to fit your needs.

VISportsClub™ employs highly skilled software engineers who have extensive technical expertise in designing, building, implementing and optimizing solutions based on VISportsClub™ solution implementation process.  Our business analysts and software engineers work with you to fully understand your business environment before customizing the best solution to meet your needs.

VISportsClub™ provides a comprehensive set of services to help meet your needs. From business analysis and user interface design, to access channel customization, system integration with the internal and external systems, and data migration, VISportsClub™ team designs competitive software solutions for successful commercial deployment, and help deliver superior business results for our clients.

Our teams of professionals will work with you step-by-step from first meeting to commercial launch, on various tasks such as:

■ Business process flow
■ Data cleaning

■ Data migration

■ Workflow customization

■ Brand-oriented web site development

■ Wireless devices

■ System integration with 3rd party system

■ Training needs

Training Services

VISportsClub™ offers full training to our clients so that your staff and members are comfortable with our software features and user-interface and can start using it immediately.  Training also ensures that every stakeholder will be able to take full advantage of the features VISportsClub™ has to offer. VISportsClub™ offers comprehensive business and technical trainings to complement our solution  implementation, and to ensure that our clients are fully utilizing VISportsClub™'s rich set of features.

These trainings include both user and administrator training and we can accomodate various audience sizes.  Training session is typically conducted at VISportsClub™ office but there are also flexibilities to conduct on-site training to allow for larger audience.

Other methods of training include web based training and over the phone training which can also be arranged depending on your requirements. For more information on our training arrangements, please feel free to contact us at info@visportsclub.com

Support Services

Our dedicated support team provides professional service support to ensure you are focusing on managing your organization and not our software. We provide telephone support and email support for our clients.

VISportsClub™'s extensive list of features continue to evolve over time.  In additional to the service support, our experienced development team is continuously working with our business analysts to upgrade VISportsClub™ functions and features.  We will provide regular software upgrades to you during your subscription period so that you always stay ahead with our latest innovative software service.

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VISportsClub™ is a complete web solution for sports organizations, operated in a Saas Software as a Service model. It can handle registration processes, scheduling, statistics, team management, and a variety of other functions in a cost effective manner. This product is a Web-system built with Microsoft .Net Framework. Some of the key benefits to use our web solution: Competitive pricing (necessary for non-profit organizations) Rich functionality to achieve paperless process Easy to use with no or minimal training On-line registration and multiple payment options Player, coach, volunteer profile management and integration Real time content management Flexible reporting options Quick and efficient updating tool Our product covers player registration, scheduling of games, player and coach assignment, tournaments, scoring, and statistics management. The communication tools allow two-way interaction; and the online forms facilitate signups and multiple payment options. Your VISportsClub™ solution substantially reduces manual work amongst administrators to register players efficiently and manage their local clubs or Affiliates effectively. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and customer services. A Member of VICommunity VIRTUAL INTERNET COMMUNITY, www.vicommunity.com is Powered by www.visportsclub.com and QCTI - QC Technologies Inc. www.vimanager.com