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Individual web portal promotes and brands the characteristics of the organization.

Content and Communication management can easily be achieved by using features designed specifically for sports organizations and their communities. Teams can be linked within Affiliates to share information while the data is secured within the portal of each Local/Club



Register with ease.
The online player registration allows parents or players to register and pay the fee by credit card
as an alternate option to sending a cheque.

The Local Club's registrar approves the application and acknowledges the payment. Each Local Club has the flexibility to define their own fee structure.  Re-registration is made easy based on existing player profile.



Standings automatically calculated.
Each Affiliate or Team can publish schedules, practices, games and tournaments as public or private-view based on the intention of the message.
Team scoring can be posted after each game for the members, parents and volunteers. The tournament module allows on-line signups and payments. The standings will be automatically calculated and posted on the website.




Automated team submission and approval.

The registered player is approved by the local club registrar and assigned to a team based on the rules of the association. The existing players will automatically be rolled-over based on their age group from the previous years. Team rosters can be viewed online or printed prior to scheduled games.


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VISportsClubâ„¢ is a complete web solution for sports organizations, operated in a Saas Software as a Service model. It can handle registration processes, scheduling, statistics, team management, and a variety of other functions in a cost effective manner. This product is a Web-system built with Microsoft .Net Framework. Some of the key benefits to use our web solution: Competitive pricing (necessary for non-profit organizations) Rich functionality to achieve paperless process Easy to use with no or minimal training On-line registration and multiple payment options Player, coach, volunteer profile management and integration Real time content management Flexible reporting options Quick and efficient updating tool Our product covers player registration, scheduling of games, player and coach assignment, tournaments, scoring, and statistics management. The communication tools allow two-way interaction; and the online forms facilitate signups and multiple payment options. Your VISportsClubâ„¢ solution substantially reduces manual work amongst administrators to register players efficiently and manage their local clubs or Affiliates effectively. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and customer services. A Member of VICommunity VIRTUAL INTERNET COMMUNITY, www.vicommunity.com is Powered by www.visportsclub.com and QCTI - QC Technologies Inc. www.vimanager.com